Charles Franklin Marbles is Jenna Marbles' first dog. He is a male chihuahua and he was born on June 6, 666. He is described as being a very sweet and loving dog but also not having much intelligence. Marbles is the alpha male and will hump Kermit on occasion to assert his dominance. Marbles also ha

s a favorite stuffed bear who he humps every night before bed. Marbles adores Jenna and is very attached to her as she is to him. It took Marbles a long time to adjust to Julien and accept him as "a daddy". Marbles is a very docile and calm dog most of the time leading people to make incredibly intelligent and lovely jokes that he is dead, despite countless request from Jenna and Julien to continue these comment. The "Marbles Is Dead" (as said in reading mean comments about my dogs)joke is highly appreciated by anyone in the Jacksfilm fam and needs to live long and prosper. 🖖