Me and Mr00:42

Me and Mr. Marbles havin a convo

Me and Mr. Marbles havin a convo

Upload Date

June 16, 2010

Views (Monthly Updated)

About 1,008,000


About 13,700


Exactly 130


-Jenna talking to Mr. Marbles.

This is the fourth video Jenna made.

In this video, Jenna goes back and forth with her pet, Mr. Marbles, and it looks like they have a conversation with each other. It appears that, at this time, Jenna still didn't adopt Kermit yet. At the end of the video, Mr. Marbles gives Jenna a hug.


  • This is the fourth video that doesn't feature Kermit.
  • This is the fourth video where Jenna doesn't speak her closing line.
  • It appears that Jenna was in a different filming location than usual, as it looks like they are not in either of Jenna's apartment complexes. 

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