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G'"For the record, Max and I did break up, but we're still friends forever. We were together for four years; you don't just break up and not hand scissor each other."

Jenna on her current relationship with Max[citation needed]

Max :)

Stephen Maxamillian Weisz[1], also known as Max or MaxNoSleeves[2], is Jenna's ex-boyfriend, and makes his own videos on his channel. Jenna and Max had been dating for four years[citation needed], two years previous to Jenna's first video. They met sometime after graduate school in Boston, and began to date soon after, however in early December 2012, Jenna and Max broke up. 

Max has a YouTube channel, MaxNoSleeves where he posts new videos every Tuesday of comical sketches and blogs.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Max's young childhood. He was originally from Boston, Masachussetts. Max attended Buckingham Brown & Nichols High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Max attended Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

YouTube CareerEdit

Two years after Jenna started making videos and mentioning him in frequent posts, he made a channel of his own, where he would film Jenna singing, talking to herself, or playing on her iPad. Recently, he made his own videos. He currently has over 500,000 subscribers.


  • He is of Chinese (maternal) and German (paternal) heritage.
  • Max is currently single as of September 2013.


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