Kermit is Jenna Marbles's second dog, the younger brother of a Chihuahua named Marbles and older brother of an Italia Kermit to an “Iggy“ Greyhound named "Mango" Peach.  


Kermit is an Italian Greyhound. He has a gray coat with a pinkish white chest. He is small enough to be carried by Jenna. As he got older, he lost more of his teeth and barely has his snoop dog smile. He has appeared in many of Jenna’s videos. He is married to Peach


  • Kermit is the middle dog child.
  • He has a series of videos based on him - how to care for your cermet.
  • He once had his kneecap moved and tail broken.
  • Kermit has Cushing’s Disease.
  • Kermit has a soap fetish.
  • Jenna Portrays him to have an accent from unknown origins when she dubs his voice. Possibly an accent from a swamp, as he said in his draw my life video that he was "Born en an Swamp."
  • His full name is "Kermit Washington Lincoln"
  • Jenna stated that both he and Peach come from the same breeder, and from the same stud, meaning that despite Jenna assuming they were "distant uncle/niece", they are half-siblings.
  • As stated by "Jacksfilms" If hangover had a hangover, it would look like Kermit.
  • Kermit and Peach are in an incestuous marriage