It's a Silver Unicorn!

This is Kermit.


Dog Type

Italian Greyhound


June 20, 2010 (Age 7)


Kermie Worm

Silver Unicorn

Snoop Doge

Dobby the House Elf (in "How To Get Ready For A Date")

Ker-MEEEEE (in "How To Talk To Animals")

Mr. Burns (in "How To Get Boys To Like You")

Cermet (in "How To Care For Your Cermet")


Jenna Mourey (Owner)

Julien Solomita (Owner)

Marbles (Adopted brother)

Peach (Adopted Sister)

"Oh, he's adorable!"

"Look how happy he is with the tail!"

- Jenna and her friend upon picking Kermit up from the shelter

Kermit is Jenna Marbles's second dog, the younger brother of Mr. Marbles. Jenna picked him up from the airport and was nearly in tears because she was so overjoyed. Ever since, Kermit has been featured in nearly every Jenna Marbles video. Marbles and Kermit started to get along quickly, playing together when Jenna put him down on the floor to play.

It could be assumed that Kermit is seven years old, given the time of his arrival to Jenna's house. Also, Jenna celebrated his "second" birthday. Kermit is an Italian Greyhound, unlike his brother, who is a Chihuahua. Apparently, Kermit is terrified of the sound of farting; something he shares with Mr. Marbles.

The AirportEdit

When Jenna picked Kermit up from the airport, she was in tears with her level of joy. Kermit automatically sprang into Jenna's arms, his tail wagging happily. Kermit developed a strong affection toward Jenna during the car ride home, whining sadly and nuzzling against his new mother. Jenna soon introduced Kermit to Mr. Marbles, and the two got along swimmingly.

YouTube FeaturingEdit

Jenna has featured Kermit in nearly every one of her videos. Jenna also devoted a Twitter account for him and his brother Marbles.

"Kermit has an extremely wonderful personality. I love Kermit. He's my baby Giraffe Dog." -Jenna Marbles

Personality and TraitsEdit

"And sometimes we like to hug each other."

-Jenna Marbles


Kermit smiling

Kermit is an extremely adorable Italian Greyhound, and very loyal to his parents. He showed an enormous amount of bravery when he tried to retrieve his food despite hearing a farting sound only moments ago. He shows an enormous amount of love for Jenna. He likes to hump his sister.

He also has a sort of fatherly affection for Peach. Another of his well-known traits is crying/whining very frequently in a nervous fashion. This is not due to mistreatment but rather a quirk unique to him along with his intense breathing. "I have to breathe so much right now" (How To Care For Your Cermet 2). Also crying is a well known habit of Greyhounds but it's a case of how sociable they have been as a puppy, Peach is the total opposite for that reason.

Kermit has proven to have a "soap fetish," as stated by Jenna. According to her, he often sneaks into the shower and rubs his face on her soap. They were unable to capture footage of Kermit's soap fetish until the video "My Dog Reviews Soap" where he rubbed his face on multiple kinds of soaps, his favourite being Irish Spring. In June 2018, Jenna made a video called "Making My Dog A Bed Out Of Soap," where she took several bars of Irish Spring soap and formed a 'bed' out of them upon viewer request. Kermit did not like the bed as much as the fans thought, which lead to disappointment.

He also has become a little more like a middle child with age, when Jenna roasted her dogs Kermit wanted to be the centre of attention while Marbles was being roasted. As he aged he has lost his teeth and cannot do his infamous Snoop Dogg smile.