I fucking hate my roommate (part 1)10:07

I fucking hate my roommate (part 1)

I fucking hate my roommate (part 1)

Upload Date

July 10, 2010

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About 6,092,000


Exactly 28,350


About 3,160

"Alright, so here's my video about my crazy, crazy roomate. His name is John Cotton."

-Jenna on her roommate

This is the eigth video that Jenna made.

Jenna rants for ten minutes about her roommate, and about what he did. For the brunt of the information, see John Cotton's page. She talks quietly because his crazy girlfriend is still there.


  • This is the eigth video that doesn't feature Kermit, and Mr. Marbles is seen briefly.
  • This is the eigth video where Jenna doesn't speak her closing line.
  • Even though the title says "Part 1", it is really "Part 2" of Jenna's rant, since the latter came out about four months before.

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