Dunkin Donuts Challenge04:22

Dunkin Donuts Challenge

Dunkin Donuts Challenge

Upload Date

June 9, 2010

View Count (Monthly Updated)

About 5,916,000


Exactly 15,250


About 660

"I'm in it to win it!"

-'King Henry the VIII', one of Jenna's friends

This is the third video Jenna Marbles made.

In this video, Jenna, her friend Blaise, and a guy who refers to himself as "King Henry VIII" eat a dozen (12, or a box of) Dunkin' Donuts donuts each. Max seems to be the narrator at first, although it is not certain. 

The challenge is that a group of people must run two miles to get to the donuts and eat them without vomiting, and then run two miles again. A person may also throw things at the challengee while they are eating.

Jenna runs to get to the donuts, and gets to eating four before someone throws frisbees at her and kicks dirt at her back. She manages to do the challenge without vomiting, although she does get sick.

The song, "Eye of the Tiger" is featured in this video.


  • This is the second video not to feature Marbles OR Kermit.
  • This is the second video not to feature Marbles.
  • This is the third video not to feature Kermit.
  • This is the third video where Jenna doesn't speak her closing line.

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